Euroasia Investment Partners is a privately held and diversified trade and investment services company that is deeply committed to creating added value services for our clients. Globalization, as one of the great economic themes of the past three decades has created a huge increase in prosperity, notably in emerging markets and in particular China.



We strongly recognize the benefits of the Belt and Road Initiative for both market participants and humanity in general. As such, we are particularly committed to and focused on the Belt and Road Initiative, where we facilitate trade and investment links between Asia and Europe by providing a platform to bridge commercial and financial markets between the two. In doing so, we stand ready to help our clients increase their global footprint by accessing new geographical markets or by greatly increasing their market penetration and exposure in existing markets.

Furthermore, we are committed to strengthening cultural links between Asia and Europe and as such facilitating cultural tourism and related activities are an important part of what we do.

We care deeply about Europe and China and the quality of our work; we care passionately about getting it right.


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