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Euroasia Investment Partners’ strength lies in our unique structure and management style. Our senior management shapes the company’s strategic agenda to strive not only to meet all company business requirements but also to be a leader in company accountability and transparency.

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Our Story

Our founder and chairman, Ilirjan Koxhioni, first started doing business in China over 25 years ago. It was during his time living in Beijing that he gained a deep respect and understanding of Chinese culture and business practices and this led him to focus on doing business in China.

Since then, he has conducted numerous business transactions between China and Europe as well as having established a successful advisory and corporate finance firm focused on Asian clients. He has latterly built a team which has broadened his companies’ expertise to Europe, to specific economic sectors, and to the business and investment playing fields of the future.

Ilirjan's idea—to found a company which bridges markets between Europe and Asia — and his passionate belief in the opportunities and legacy provided by the Belt and Road Initiative led to the creation of Euroasia Investment Partners.

Nurturing the principle of “win-win” is central to our work. Win-win is the lens through which we view trade and investment and the starting point for our interactions with clients. 

Our People

We care deeply about Europe and China and the quality of our work; we care passionately about getting it right.


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