Competitive Advantage

The depth of Euroasia Investment Partners’ commercial contacts and its understanding of the regulatory regimes in both Europe and China, is the key which enables us to greatly increase the trade and investment flows of our clients.



We provide specialist skills, practical experience, know-how and objectivity to assist our clients in their future plans, whether they are looking to expand, merge or sell their business or to enter or further expand into new or existing geographic markets or market sectors.

Our strategic cooperation with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to further cross-border transactions under the Belt and Road Initiative is an example of how we are well positioned to assist in providing solutions to the cross-border investment and financing needs of enterprises.

We offer insights that deepen people's understanding of the market, political (local and national), regulatory and customer implications of trade and investment flows, transforming the way our clients think about these important decisions. This transformational impact along with our forward thinking and planning enables our clients, in collaboration with us, to fully capitalize on the commercial opportunities presented by new strategic investments and business relationships.

 Competitive Advantage2


We are fully cognizant of established Chinese and European norms and business standards and our structuring skills are the result of team members having structured many business transactions with Chinese and European companies over the years.

Typically, we focus on the following sectors:

  • Property and Construction
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Technology
  • Tourism
  • Financial Services and Banking
  • Shipping and Transportation
  • Manufacturing


We care deeply about Europe and China and the quality of our work; we care passionately about getting it right.


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