Euroasia Investment Partners Signs a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China National Building Material Group

Euroasia Investment Partners (“EIP”) has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China National Building Material Group (*CNBM”), to exclusively introduce its extensive and innovative range of building materials and industrial components to the 17+1 region.

CNBM is the largest comprehensive building materials industry group in China that integrates scientific research, manufacturing and logistics into one entity, which has been ranked on the Fortune Global 500 list for eight consecutive years. It has over 250,000 employees, over EUR 50 million in annual revenues and over USD 85 billion in assets. Furthermore, it is ranked number one in the world by production capacity for a vast range of building materials and industrial components:

  • Cement Clinker
  • Glass Fibre
  • Ready Mixed Concrete
  • 16 GW Wind Turbine Blades
  • Gypsum Plasterboard
  • Ultra Thin Float Glass
  • Carbon Fibre Precursor
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Fusion Cast Refractories
  • Bar-shaped pillar porcelain insulator technology
  • Complete sets of equipment for 1100KV UHVDC transmission and transformation equipment



Mr. Ilirjan Koxhioni, EIP’s Chairman, explained the importance of the strategic cooperation agreement for the 17+1 region: “Given the rapid development in the 17+1 region, it is important to have access to top quality and competitively priced materials from what is arguably the leading building materials and industrial components company and supplier in the world today.

CNBM ‘s expertise in industrial integration and its innovation in industrial upgrading are very much in demand in the region. Furthermore, the power of CNBM’s scientific research means that the company is leading the way in green development for building materials. Self-evidently, this is of great importance in light of the European Green Deal.”



CNBM Group - Download here 


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