CBMI Construction Co., Ltd and EIP sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement for EPC Projects.

CBMI Construction Co., Ltd and Euroasia Investment Partners signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement whereby EIP will facilitate EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) projects for CBMI Construction in the 16+ 1 Region as well as Italy, Greece and Kosovo.


CBMI’s construction and engineering businesses encompass building materials, power generation, water works, environmental protection, power transmission and transformation, energy saving transformation and other related fields. Furthermore CBMI is active in related services such project finance, survey and design, equipment manufacturing and integration, the implementation and management of project logistics services, project commissioning and putting-into-operation, spare parts services, and production and operation services.

Ilirjan Koxhioni, Chairman of Euroasia Investment Partners, highlighted the strength and diversification of the EPC capabilities of CBMI: “The combination of CBMI’s world class construction and engineering technology together with their first rate knowledge in associated construction and engineering services has resulted in CBMI completing an impressive list of large and complex benchmark projects. CBMI’s extensive project ability is an instructive example of what the Belt and Road Initiative can do in providing win-win solutions for countries which form part of the Initiative.”


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