Euroasia Investment Partners to Cooperate with Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Euroasia Investment Partners is to cooperate with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to further cross-border transactions under the Belt and Road Initiative.

The SZSE is one of two stock exchanges operating independently in the People's Republic of China and is the eight largest stock exchange in the world. Centering closely on the Belt and Road Initiative, RMB internationalization and the opening-up of Chinese capital markets, SZSE has advanced mutual market access and strengthened multilateral participation. It has launched an innovative capital formation platform which enables both domestic and cross-border investment and financing transactions (V-Next).

The V-Next platform facilitates capital flows by building an international community of qualified professional investors, specialized financial intermediaries and a support system for cross-border capital formation. V-Next has already achieved remarkable success in China with over 12,000 institutional qualified investors registered and has achieved a success rate, of in excess of 20%, in matching projects to capital.

Ilirjan Koxhioni, Chairman of Euroasia Investment Partners underlined the importance of the cooperation for clients of Euroasia Investment Partners: “This cooperation provides a very powerful solution for our clients’ cross-border investment and financing needs. In addition to their V-Next platform, the SZSE provides a comprehensive range of Belt and Road Capital Services which when combined with our specialist know means we are able to deliver very tangible results for our clients under the Belt and Road Initiative.”

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