Minkave Construction & Development Co, Ltd (“Minkave”) and Euroasia Investment Partners signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement whereby EIP will exclusively represent Minkave in the 17+ 1 Region.

Minkave is arguably the most respected lighting system engineering company in China and is engaged in lighting engineering design, lighting product development, production and sales, as well as the energy performance contracting (EPC) business.

As such it is able to facilitate lighting projects in an energy efficient and cost-effective manner. Furthermore, by integrating the entire lighting project from planning and design through to construction and product, Minkave is able to accommodate most city and municipal budgets.


Ilirjan Koxhioni, Chairman of Euroasia Investment Partners, expressed his satisfaction with the Minkave partnership: “ This partnership fulfils a very real need for more innovative and energy efficient urban lighting in the 17+1 region. The degree to which high-tech predominates and drives Minkave’s product design is truly impressive while their mastery of artistic lighting techniques to create energy efficient urban night landscapes and desired atmospheres in different functional areas of a municipal district are breathtaking. In actual fact , I feel it can be referred to as city light art.”



Minkave’s activities in urban lighting projects can be classified into five business areas:

Urban Night Planning



Cultural Tourism Scenic Spots


Smart Street Light Systems

The street lamps are equipped with various sensors and sensing devices, such as charging piles, LED information release screens, high-definition cameras, emergency alarms, 5G base station-equipped networks, parking detection, environmental sensing, manhole cover and water monitoring, network audio and video. Internet technology makes street lamps smart city information collection and convenience service terminals. As such smart street lights are an important entry point for smart cities.


Light Shows


Architectural (Buildings) and Bridge Lighting

Smart pole Presentation .  

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