Zhangjiakou Longchi Technology Co., Ltd and Euroasia Investment Partners signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement whereby EIP will facilitate projects for Longchi Technology in the 16+ 1 Region as well as Italy, Greece and Kosovo.


Zhangjiakou Longchi Tech has a technological advantage in battery production whereby organic solvents are replaced by water thus achieving clean energy production and where graphene electrodes are deposited by means of a vapour deposition P6+ process, which reasonably controls moisture and greatly increases battery survival rate. It’s batteries, battery modules, battery systems, battery packs, and multi battery power distribution solutions are for use in EV, EV Bus, power grid energy storage, energy storage and generation stations and family energy storage UPS.

Ilirjan Koxhioni, Chairman of Euroasia Investment Partners, commented: “We are delighted to have signed a cooperation agreement with Longchi Tech whose technological edge and focus is on energy   storage   in batteries, and   which extends   to   large   scale diversified application of energy storage and electronic devices, is increasingly important in a world which is pivoting towards clean energy.”


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