Shandong Sinoma Engineering Co., Ltd and EuroAsia Investment Partners signed a Strategic Agreement whereby EuroAsia Investment Partners will exclusively distribute the full range of Shandong Sinoma Engineering’s solar energy products in the 16+1 countries of Europe as well as Greece, Italy and Kosovo. Perhaps even more importantly both companies have agreed to cooperate on an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) basis for solar and clean energy projects in the Region whereby Shandong Sinoma Engineering will invest in such projects.  

Sinoma Shandong Engineering Co., Ltd. provides industry-leading solar energy solutions to customers that extend to the whole solar value chain. Their new-generation, smart solar energy solutions encompass solar energy life-cycle management products and services from component supply, project development, design & engineering, project financing & investment, system parts procurement, project construction management and operation & maintenance.

Ilirjan Koxhioni, Chairman of Euroasia Investment Partners remarked as follows: “The signing of this Agreement is the result of an extended search by Euroasia Investment Partners for best-in-class solar energy solutions. We are very pleased and confident in this partnership as the design and engineering of Shandong Sinoma Engineering’s next-generation, smart solar and clean energy products is truly world class.”

Glen Cremer, Managing Director for Europe at Euroasia Investment Partners, drew attention to the EPC capabilities of Shandong Sinoma Engineering: “The significance of Shandong Sinoma Engineering’s engineering and investment model should not be underestimated. The combination of their investment ability along with their advanced products and technology has enabled the construction of impressive solar energy projects and power plants which have had a large and positive transformative impact on energy generation, utilization and cost reduction in their respective regions. Such projects are a great example of how the Belt and Road Initiative provides win-win opportunities and solutions for both Europe and China.”


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