Beijing Lantian Dacheng New Building Materials Co., Ltd., (hereafter “BLDNBM”) Co., Ltd and EuroAsia Investment Partners have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for the 16+1 countries of Europe as well as Greece, Italy and Kosovo.

BLDNBM’s line of business is focused on innovative and energy efficient curtain wall systems and door and window systems, all of which are manufactured to the highest European standards. The curtain wall systems are specifically designed to span multiple floors, taking into consideration design requirements such as thermal expansion and contraction; building sway and movement and water diversion. Optimization of thermal efficiency design ensures cost-effective heating, cooling, and lighting in the building. Their extensive range of door and window systems includes models utilizing aluminium alloy, aluminium-wood, wood and high-performance plastic. Additionally, BLDNBM also manufactures intelligent sunshade and anti-theft systems as well as conservatories (winter gardens).

Ilirjan Koxhioni, Chairman of Euroasia Investment Partners, commented that: “Beijing Lantian Dacheng New Building Materials have long been recognized as industry leaders in China and their project track record is unparalleled. We anticipate strong European demand for their technologically advanced, yet cost-effective building materials.”  


We care deeply about Europe and China and the quality of our work; we care passionately about getting it right.


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